We are developing a nanotechnology based ultra-rapid COVID-19 testkit that takes minutes instead of hours, with a handheld device

Accessible technology, global impact

SPEKTRAX was founded in the spring of 2020 with one goal: to help the world deal with virus crises such as the COVID-19 with an innovative, ultra rapid, reliable testing method.

We aim to make our diagnostics solution available after validation & certification.

* Based on innovative nanotechnology

* Using portable, handheld equipment

* Fast (minutes) detection

* No lab required

* Direct, in-vitro testing

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What we do

SPEKTRAX has applied a radically new technology to make mass and local testing possible.

Our test kits will allow for rapid testing (minutes), anywhere in the world, without expensive and time-consuming lab facilities.

We believe this type of testing will allow the world to get moving again.

Allowing people who test negative to visit their grandparents, board international flights, enter healthcare facilities, attend events, go to work; to safely participate in the global economy with trust and confidence. This will keep the economy going and give our scientists and health professionals time to deal with patients and to find cures and a vaccine.

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